The One about Visiting the Setup for the Tokyo Leather & Goods Exhibition 2018, the JFW Japan Creator 2018 Exhibition & Premium Textile Japan

One of the things that I love to visit are the various exhibits held at the Tokyo International Forum in Marunouchi and not far from Yurakucho Station. A lot of trade shows are held at this location and it’s no surprise considering how cool and modern the overall building is. I wrote in the past of the area and the food trucks that people can find during lunch time during […]

The One about Boulangerie Patisserie BRASSERIE VIRON

Japan is a country that no doubt has love for French bakeries and while the bubble economy had its fair share of Tokyo cafe-brasseries, the 2000’s are starting to see a resurgence from patisserie to French chocolatiers growing in numbers throughout Japan.  But one company well known in France for its flour is one of the well-visited bakeries in Tokyo. Viron is a French company that no doubt attracts a […]

The One about Where to Take Day or Night Shots of Tokyo Station and JR Towers

I am often asked of how I took my day and night shots of Tokyo Station and where can they go to take photos of the location. First, I didn’t take my DSLR or lenses, I just used a Canon Powershot G7x and Panasonic DMC-LX10 cameras. But as for where you can go to take cool photos and is easily accessible, right across the street are various retail high rises […]

The One about ESSE DUE IL Binario in Haneda Airport

ESSE DUE is a pizzeria that was founded over two decades in Akasaka. Focusing on Napoli pizza style showcasing Margherita to various original pizzas, ESSE DUE has opened up restaurants in Hakata and in Tokyo’s Ota ward at Haneda Airport. While the Akasaka restaurant is the oldest and also features many items on their main menu, the Haneda Airport location is a convenient stop to eat hours before boarding your […]

The One about Shirokane Sweets in Minato

Japan has many trendy districts and there are also certain areas that people in Tokyo know are quite affluent. In the Minato ward of Tokyo, the southwest area known as Shirokane.  Known for its expensive real estate fees and known for the area’s cool shopping areas and restaurants. The district received its name from a wealthy government official from the Southern Dynasty who settled in the area during the Oei […]

The One about “Decoration never dies, anyway” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Part 3 – Yoshikazu Yamagata

Possibly the primary artist featured at the “Decoration never dies, anyway” exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum is Yoshikazu Yamagata. For those not familiar with Yoshikazu’s work, may have seen it and not be aware of it.  His work was seen for Parco during the recent Christmas holiday season with girls dressed in red outfits. Featuring the “New Version from The Fashion show of the gods, the 2010 […]

The One about “Decoration never dies, anyway” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Part 2 – Kour Pour

As we featured in our first part of the “Decoration never dies, anyway” exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, there are more artists and their works I have yet to feature. So, let’s continue with my blog coverage from the exhibition! Featuring Kour Pour’s “Argo Navis” created in 2015-2016 featuring acrylic on canvas over panel, “Floating World” created in 2015-2017 featuring acrylic on canvas over panel.  And “Holy […]