The One about Daishimae Station in Adachi

For anyone traveling to Adachi ward, especially to visit Nishiaraidaishi Soji Temple, will no doubt come to or leave from Daishimae Station. Operated by the Tobu Railway, the Tobu Daishi Line platform takes you only to Nishiarai. Opened back in 1931, the station number is TS 51. The only time the station stopped operation was during World War II, when the station was closed in May 1945 and was re-opened […]

The One about Carrot Tower in Setagaya

Located in Sangen-jaya, Setagaya, Tokyo is a high-rise known as Carrot Tower. Completed in 1996, Carrot Tower is part of the redevelopment project around Sangen-jaya station, a station that it’s connected to and directly connected to the Tokyu Setagaya Line. 26 stories above ground and having five basement levels, the building was named after a winning entry among local children, due to the building’s brick exterior. The location is the […]

The One about Yamashita Station in Setagaya

Traveling to Japan, I’m always fascinated by various train stations and the variety of trains that the country has. In Setagaya, Yamashita Station is right across the street from Gotokuji Station and unlike Gotokuji, has the look of a very old station. And old is the station as it was created in 1925 and has two sides, bringing people to Shimo-Takaido and Kamimachi-Sangen-Jaya. The station has gone through several names, […]

The One about Tamagawa Takashimaya & Nearby Stores

I recently wrote about Futako-Tamagawa Rise and the planning of Tama New Town and bringing people who were moving to Tokyo to planned developments. And it may be a surprise to people who are familiar with the popular Takashimaya department stores that the first western-style Takashimaya was created in the Futako-Tamagawa area in 1969 and referred to as Tamagawa Takashimaya. But Takashimaya’s history goes as far back to 1831 when […]

The One about the Panasonic Living Showroom in Minato

Next to Shiodome in Minato is the Pansonic Living Showroom. Panasonic may be thought my many, especially in America, as an American company but Panasonic is actually a Japanese company formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 1918, Panasonic was a producer of lightbulb sockets, then after World War II, would make radios and appliances and bicycles. And the company would become one of the largest electronic […]

The One about Minami-Senju Station in Arakawa

Located in Arkawa, Tokyo is “Minami-Senju Station” (which means South Senju Station). Opened back in 2008, the station is operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Tokyo Metro and the Mtropolitan Intercity Railway Company. The primary lines is JR East Joban Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Metropolitan Intercity Railway Tsukuba Express. Outside of the station, one will find a McDonald’s, Burger King, restaurants, a Lawson convenience store and […]

The One about the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame Part 3

And here we are with the final part of Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame at Tokyo Dome. With the viewing rooms  in the next hall, once you past it, it’s when you get to see the actual members of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and their plaques all across the wall.  And the good news is that there is an English translation below each plaque. One of the things […]

The One about the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame Part 2

I wrote about the entry portions and the first two rooms of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame at Tokyo Dome. In this part 2 post of the Japanese Ball Hall of Fame, the area focuses on the history of baseball with really awesome artifacts from baseball’s and Japanese baseball’s early years.  As well as sections honoring MLB’s Ichiro Suzuki. As the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame exhibit portion showcase […]