The One about Hitachi Seaside Park Part 4: Miharashi Village

After leaving Sawada Spring Water Nature House, to be truthful, I wasn’t sure where to go next.  Should I go right, should I go left? I actually went right and realized, it was a dead end. Because I went in December, the blue nemophila flowers or tulips were not evident.  But looking at the hill from the side and seeing the gardeners planting, just imagining the area full of flowers […]

The One about Hitachi Seaside Park Part 3: Sawada Spring Water Nature House

Continuing my coverage from Hitachi Seaside Park, I had a choice of which area to go…left or right and I ended up choosing “Sawada Spring Water Nature House”. The area was created as a learning center to learn about the environment and the ecosystem of the vicinity. Opened in March 26, 2015, one can learn about the rare plants and the animals that inhabit the area. The Sawada Spring Water […]

The One about Hitachi Seaside Park Part 2 – Hitachinaka Nature Forest

Continuing where I last left off with Hitachi Seaside Park in part 1, one of the things that amazed me with this park is that there is an actual forest.  As a matter of fact, this park has so many other areas that I’m just amazed. But to have so much land dedicated as a forest is awesome and because it’s all man-made, one should expect any wild boar, deer […]

The One about Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Part 1

Located in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki (a prefecture in the northeastern part of the Kanto region) is Hitachi Seaside Park (Kokuei Hitachi Kaihinkoen). For those who are wondering, if this park is owned by the electronics company, Hitachi? Well, the town of Hitachinaka is no doubt a company town for Hitachi factories and the area’s primary employer is Hitachi.  The other industries in the area is commercial fishing, agriculture and tourism. But […]

The One about Oarai Station in Ibaraki and Girls Und Panzer

For those wanting to get away from the concrete jungle of Tokyo and want to visit a place that’s not too country and more of a seaside town, will surely want to take the trip to Ibaraki prefecture and visit Oarai. Granted, unlike seaside towns (using California as an example) where people want a small town live, be closer to the ocean and pretty much retire when they get older, […]

The One about Abdellatif Kechiche’s “The Secret of the Grain”

When it comes to film that seem realistic by nature, verbose as if we are watching conversations with a perfect flow and for the most part, realism and conversation on the big screen done right, I’m a big supporter of those films. Eric Rohmer’s 1969 film “My Night at Maud’s” is a perfect example of how it’s done right. It may have been too intelligent for some but I found […]

The One about Good Barbeque in Nakameguro

When it comes to American-style BBQ, finding it in Tokyo was never an easy thing until now. With a Brooklyn-style, Good Barbeque is the go-to location for American-style BBQ and it’s located in the trendy Nakameguro area right near the overpass. While you can expect to pay a lot for the restaurant’s BBQ menu offered in half (150g) or full (300g), this menu is for the true carnivore. For those […]

The One about Haneda Airport

Before the 1930’s, aviators would use airstrips near beaches at Tokyo Bay to land.  Long ago, Haneda was a town on Tokyo Bay until the Japanese postal ministry purchased the waterfront land from a private seller in order to construct an airport. Haneda airfield would open in 1931 before becoming Japan’s largest civil airport which would handle flights to mainland Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Manchuria.  Until being turned into a […]