The One about the Baked Salmon with Hashbrown

As I continue to cook with alternatives to using anything not wheat, tapioca or corn-based and also not eating any rice or pasta, I saw on the food network site that someone utilized hashbrowns. That caught my attention and I decided to see if I can come up with something utilizing that. Please note: I very rarely eat regular potatoes (although, I do eat sweet potatoes), typically during the holidays […]

The One about the Stuffed Tomatoes with Tuna and Feta Cheese and Itlog na Maalat with Kamatis

As I don’t eat bread as much, I’m always finding alternatives of eating breads, rice, flour, wheat, corn, etc. So, I was in the mood to eat stuffed tomatoes with tuna and feta cheese.   Ingredients are as follows: 4 big tomatoes (heirloom beefsteak tomatoes would be great!) and cut in half and remove inner core (keep the core) 1 cucumber without the skin and diced. 3 ounces of crumbled […]

The One about making fish en papillote and shrimp and scallops with beurre rouge

The sadness I feel today after my NFL team lost in the playoffs. But instead of being bummed and frustrated all day, I channeled those raw emotions to  making a wonderful dinner for myself and Angela. With the ingredients that I had, I decided to make Fish en papillote and shrimp and scallops with Beurre Rouge. Fish en Papillote The following ingredients will feed 2-4 people.  Please note that if […]

The One about Okonomiyaki

When it comes to okonomiyaki, there are traditional ways to make it. For example, okonomiyaki is best made with nagaimo (Japanese mountain yam) and it tastes great! In fact, eating okonomiyaki each time I go to Japan is a must.  As you can see from this video I shot in Japan. But as much as I love eating okonomiyaki while I’m in Japan, I try to make it while I’m […]

The One about the Egg and Spinach

I tend to purchase spinach and quite often, I end up buying too much that I have to toss it, because I didn’t use it up in time. This time would be different and earlier today, I wanted to utilize the spinach I had and decided to make a spinach and cheese omelet. It’s important to note that I do not eat much eggs that much any longer, to keep […]