The One about the Ralph’s Coffee Truck in front of the Ralph Lauren store in Omotesando

While Ralph Lauren’s Polo Store on Fifth Avenue in New York closed down earlier this year, along with Ralph’s Coffee, Ralph Lauren wanted the coffee brand to continue and so it does with a coffee truck stand in front of the Ralph Lauren store in Omotesando. While the US coffee store had a great connection with La Colombe Coffee Roasters, I’m not sure if the popular US coffee roaster and […]

The One about Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Store in Omotesando

Ralph Lauren is an American brand that continues to attract people all over the world. From its inception back in 1967 by American designer Ralph Lauren and a company that once specialized only in men’s ties, Lauren’s interest in sports would lead him to create a menswear line which he named “Polo” in 1968. And as Ralph Lauren has various brands which include the Purple Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo […]

The One about the Ralph Lauren Blackwatch Polo Shirts

Today I received an e-mail that the Limited Edition BlackWatch Ralph Lauren Polo Team shirts are now available on the online store. For those not familiar with the BlackWatch Polo Team, Ralph Lauren is a sponsor of the team which is owned by American businessman, Neil Hirsch (founder of the global communications network Telerate and owner of the securities tracking firm, Loanet). He was the original co-founder of the Bridghampton […]

The One about the Ralph Lauren Tedd Boots

I have reviewed the various Ralph Lauren Polo shoes out there. This time, I will take a look at the Ralph Lauren Tedd leather boots. Made in China, the Ralph Lauren Tedd’s (Brown Gum) feature a waxy leather upper, rounded-toe silhouette, lace-up closure, two-tone detail and rawhide two-tone leather laces, the Teed features a synthetic insole, detailed stitching and are true to size. What I like about these shoes is […]

The One about the Ralph Lauren Up to 75% Off – End of Season Sale (January 27, 2015)

Not long after their fantastic sale earlier in the month, Ralph Lauren currently has their “END OF SEASON SALE” in which items are up to 75% off and the code: LOVE15 gets you free shipping. While the last sale featured many shirts on sale as low as $31.99, with the current sale, many of them are $39.99 at this time. Which is still good considering that polo shirts or dress […]