The One about Visiting Kabushiki Gaisha Shueisha

If you are visiting the Chiyoda ward and are in Jimbocho, if you are a fan of Japanese comic books (manga) and animation (anime), you will definitely want to visit Shueisha Inc. (Kabushiki Gaisha Shueisha). Founded back in 1925, Shueisha is the entertainment-related publishing division of Japanese publisher Shogakukan and then later made into a separate, independent company. Shueisha is best known for publishing “Weekly Shonen Jump”, “Weekly Young Jump”, […]

The One about Nippon Budokan

When it comes to concerts, one of the well-known indoor arenas in Japan is Nippon Budokan located in Tokyo ala the Chiyoda ward. Originally built in 1964 for the judo competition in the 1964 Summer Olympics, Nippon Budokan hosts many concerts, martial arts and sporting competitions, ceremonies and graduation events. One of the first rock bands to perform at Nippon Budokan is The Beatles back in 1966 and broke the […]

The One about Yurakucho

Between the Tokyo political buildings and Hibiya Park on the left and Ginza on the right is a neighborhood known as Yurakucho in Chiyoda ward. Part of the fascination of Yurakucho is how unlike it is from areas next to it.  Thanks to its shops and restaurants that look like they are from the early postwar era. But it’s also a location where you can find a lot of delicious […]

The One about Kitanomaru National Garden

During the month of March and April, Kitanomura Park is one of the pleasant areas to visit. Located in Chiyoda, Tokyo and north of the Tokyo Imperial Palace, part of the allure of this park is that Nippon Budokan (where many concerts and events take place) and the Science Museum and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo is right nearby. Long ago, the park was used as a medicinal […]

The One about Tokyo Station and it’s Design

Tokyo Station is one of the few stations in Tokyo in which many will no doubt experience the feeling of getting lost. Similar to Shinjuku Station, it’s a large railway station that is like a labyrinth. Located in the Marunouchi business district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, it is the main intercity rail terminal in Tokyo and the busiest station in Japan (over 3,000 trains per day) and the fifth-busiest in Eastern […]

The One about EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ in Kudanshita

While in the neighborhood of Kudanshita, I decided to visit EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ which is owned by the Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd. (which deals with importing of coffee beans, roasting and processing, wholesale sales and restaurant management). The purpose was to create an Espresso Italian cafe and the first was opened in Minato-ku, Shibaura back in 1999. The difference between other coffee shops is that EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ rotates seven types of […]