The One about Yanagimori Shrine in Akihabara

Not far from Yodabashi Akiba and a lot of the major locations near Akihabara is Yanagimori Shrine (which means “Willow Forest Shrine”). The Shinto shrine that is right next to Kanda River was built in the 17th century and is dedicated to the tanuki (a racoon dog).  Founded in 1457 by warlord Ota Dokan, the man who is known for designing and building Edo Castle. I think one who comes […]

Travel Guide: The One about Tax-Free Shops in Japan

In Japan, especially in Tokyo, in major foreigner-friendly shopping areas such as Akihabara, there are logos showcasing “Japan Tax-Free Shop”. It’s important to for people traveling Japan to know that shops will NOT give you tax-free if you don’t ask for it.  Afterall, how would they know if you are a foreign traveler versus a person who lives in Japan?  The rule is all temporary visitors (less than six months […]

The One about Akihabara at Night Pt. 2

Akihabara. The electric city known for its shops of toy merchandise, collectables, video games, electronics, maid cafes and more.  And of my favorite experiences is visiting these locations late in the day and seeing how the nightlife is for these areas. Last month, I posted about going around Akihabara, intentionally getting lost and taking photos of the surroundings.  This time around, here are photos of the more familiar areas of […]

The One about Akihabara at Night Pt.1

Akihabara.  The electric city known for its shops of toy merchandise, collectables, video games, electronics, maid cafes and more. I’ve been to Akihabara many times, but often staying within the known shopping districts. I decided to walk around Akihabara and intentionally get lost, taking photos at night as I walk around the city. Here is part 1 of my photos of Akihabara at night.

The One about Kotobukiya

Back in 1953, toy company Kotobukiya established themselves as toymakers that care about craftsmanship. Fastforward to 2016 and the company still prides itself in craftmanship and quality and have become the #1 toy company specializing in collector toys and creator of statues, figures and kits. With its main store in Akihabara, Japan and stores in Tachikawa and Nipponbashi in Osaka, Kotobukiya has expanded to the United States and Europe.  Many […]

The One about Sofmap

In Japan, Yodabashi Camera and Bic Camera are popular locations for those wanting to purchase electronics. Sofmap is a subsidiary of Bic Camera and an electronic retailer that sells both new and used products. Established back in 1982 by Kei Suzuki, the origins of Sofmap was back in the software rental business.  But due to copyright issues, the company withdrew from that model and pursued on a new business that […]