The One about the Vegetable Garden Update (September 2017)

Vegetable Garden Update Sept. 30, 2017: For those who have been following my vegetable update since January 2017. A short-recap,

I started with a container garden, seedlings on growlights in the winter, transplanting outdoors and they were producing by March-June.

110+ degree temperatures killed 95% of them within two weeks in late June by heating up the containers and literally killing of all plants, especially tomato plants slowly.

I was able to transplant and rescue very few of them at the end of July/first week of August. Digging up short trenches for proper waterflow. Tomato transplants failed. Bellpepper transplants, one started producing one this week. Kyoto, Parisian Round and Juane du Doub Carrots suddenly are showing life.

Eggplant transplants (Choryoku Nasu from Japan) which look like they were about to die, one plant started producing and the other started to flower. Unfortunately, no production from Kamo, Chouja or Casper White eggplants. Those from the original plants which had a 50/50 chance of surviving, started producing a week ago.

So far, the biggest producer was the rescued Costata Romanesco Zucchini. The pictures Costata Romanesco is about 17 inches, so much better width than the ones I had back in May.

Temperatures are cooling down but it’ll be interesting to see if there will be any more production in October.

But I learned a lot from this year’s ground vs. container vegetable garden experiment.  I will post my final observations of this experiment when I reach the one year mark.  So, please stay tuned!