The One about High Heat and Dead Vegetable Plants

Vegetable garden update – June 24th. WTF!!! With the intense heat…my zucchini, bell pepper, kale and cauliflower plants which looked fantastic last weekend did not make it. With the temperatures reach between 105-110 degrees…they didn’t make it.

According to this website:

High temperatures speed up the normal living process of plants to a maximum rate at and above 90 degrees F. This means that most plants can take temperatures up to 90 degrees F. fairly well. Anything above that—the hotter it gets, the more they suffer! Of course, less tolerant or weaker plants suffer even more. The longer high temperatures persist, the greater the injury to the plant.

I can attempt to take the bell peppers that were produced and reuse the seeds and plant possibly in August, in hopes for a cooler fall….

It’s important to note that I never had this problem with inground planting in the past, but man, what a bummer!

I’m a bit unnerved by the whole situation, considering how I raised these plants as seedlings since January and to see them thrive up to a few days ago and then all of a sudden 105-110 degree temperatures and it killed off a number of my plants in less than a week.

I tried moving them to shaded areas a few days ago but to no avail.  It’s just too hot outside.

[insert sad emoji]

Fortunately, I have many seeds and all we can do is start over.  But this time around, I also did a few inground, not in containers, so we’ll see how things work out.