The One about My Organic Vegetable Garden – May 2017 Update

For those who have been following my organic vegetable updates will know that I put quite a bit of time (and money) into container gardening since January 2017.

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The One about My Organic Vegetable Garden (60 Days Later)

It’s May 2017 and it is starting to warm up with 90 degree temperatures now arriving.

So far, the tomato plants and the squash and zucchini plants are producing.  The cherry tomatoes and the super snow whites are the big producers as of right now and they are still green.  Meanwhile, the zucchini and squash plants are slowly growing.

If there is one thing that I’m disappointed…it’s this…

All the cauliflower that I tied up…all the leaves have been nearly eaten completely.  Arghh….

But so far so good.  With the heat now coming in..especially this 90 degree California weather this week, we’ll see how things go!

And last… I purchased a ruby ball cactus on clearance mainly for its small pot for a $1 back in January…ruby ball was dead, cactus was brown and rotted on the top half. Clipped off the rotted part and the ball, decided to plant it with the other succulents, just to see how the base green portion would do.

And months later, it seems it is coming to its own.  Pretty cool!