The One about the Lowepro Flipside 500 AW DSLR Backpack

For the longest time, I have depended on my DSLR shoulder bags when traveling to events around the world. But I noticed how I would experience shoulder pain due to the uneven distribution of the weight that I decided to go with a backpack. What I needed was one that had pockets, where the opening to get to the camera was inside and not outside for anti-theft but most importantly, […]

The One about Travel Cubes

For those who tend to travel and want to become more organized and pack efficiently, I recommend purchasing travel packing cubes. When purchasing, most of the sets offer a small, medium and large travel cube and the magic is to roll your clothing, so you can fit as many as possible. But first, let’s talk about purchasing travel cubes. For one, I do not splurge on travel cubes, I have […]

The One about the Samsonite Harmony II Luggage

I have wrote about how I am a big supporter of finding luggage at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Ross stores. Not only can you get great deals but you will find exclusive releases by major luggage manufacturers at these stores. And sometimes you can find great clearance deals as well. When it comes to luggage, while I’m selective for weekenders, backpacks carrying equipment and such, if the bags are handled […]

The One about the London Fog Devonshire 360UL Luggage

As many airlines are becoming more strict with their rules for check-in luggage and many luggage companies are now including the +2 to their dimensions, it’s becoming less practical to use a 28″-32″ expandable spinner luggage. The most important thing to remember when purchasing luggage is that most airlines have a rule of 62″ inches.  So, when you add the width, length and dimensions, to be safe, it’s good to […]

Travel Guide: The One about 5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Luggage

You are in the market for luggage as you are planning to travel. But what key things should one know before purchasing luggage? 1.  STAY AWAY FROM 28″ OR HIGHER LUGGAGE This will shock some people that I start off with this because I own 28″ or 29″ luggage.  But first let me explain why I recommend to NOT to buy 28″ or 29″ or higher luggage. Most airline companies […]

Travel Guide: The One about Purchasing Luggage – Check-In Baggage, Carry On and Personal Items for Travel

For those who are first time travelers and those who have traveled internationally before, there is always a concern about the weight of our luggage and what is allowable by the airline company. A few airline companies have lowered their maximum size limit which makes things a little difficult for those own older luggage but for those who are planning to travel for the first time, shop wisely and know […]

The One about the Delsey Luggage Chatillon 28-Inch Trolley Duffel

Delsey is one of the best known luggage makers in the world. While the company originated back in 1946 courtesy of Emile Delahaye and Seynhaeve brothers (who joined their names to create the Delsey brand), the quality of their bags goes as far back as 1911 when Etablissements Delahaye manufactured cases for cameras and also covers for typewriters and record players. But in 1946, the company would begin focused in […]

The One about the COACH Varick Garment Bag

COACH is often known for leather-based products and even though you will often find summer bags made with another material, you still have quite a bit of leather pieces on the bag. Recently, while visiting my local COACH store, the ladies brought out a few of the products they received and what caught my eye was this COACH Varick Garment Bag (F93316). It’s actually a garment bag but with the […]