The One about the Tohoshinki (TVXQ) Begin Again Cafe in Tokyo

While I was in Japan, I had a chance to check out Tohoshinki’s “Begin After Cafe” at the Ikebukuro Parco, while also seeing the setup for the duo’s concert that would be at Tokyo Dome. Because of their “TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2017 -Begin Again-” in Japan, the duo announced that they would have a “Begin After Cafe” in Sapporo, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. For those who are not familiar […]

The One about the Ramen Jiro Challenge

I have taken on various food challenges and have succeeded.   Last year, I was 1-1 with the “Go! Go! Curry Challenge” (which I failed) and the “Sushi Dai Challenge” (which I succeeded). But I have been gearing up to try Ramen Jiro, one of the popular ramen restaurants around Tokyo and is known for several things. Ramen Jiro is tonkotsu broth with shoyu.  Tonkotsu ramen is a dish that […]

The One about Japanese Love for KFC on Christmas

In Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is huge! Sure, in America, we have watched the corny KFC commercials of comedians dressed up as Colonel Sanders and we have grown up with the “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan and the restaurant is more or less a fast food chain for those jonesing for fried chicken. In Japan, they have a different type of branding that promotes family and couple bonding over fried […]

The One about Joe & The Juice at San Francisco’s International Airport

For those who know me, I’m big on juice and I’m big on coffee and if I can find awesome juice chains and coffee shops, it makes my day! So, when I was at San Francisco Airport, I saw a Joe & Juice shop and I’ve been wanting to try this place for years. While a number of juice shops exist in New York City and San Francisco, I’ve heard […]

The One about Moët Marche 2017

In Tokyo Midtown, as part of the Christmas holiday, Moët & Chandon, a French fine winery and also the co-owner of the luxury goods company LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE and one of the world’s largest champagne producers held its Moët Marche 2017. Moët et Chandon was established back as far as 1743 courtesy of Claude Moët and the company owns 2,800 acres of vineyards and produces 28,000,000 bottles […]

The One about Tokyo Dome City Winter Lights Garden

In 2016, I was quite sad that I had to leave Japan a few days before many of the locations put up their illumination lights.  And that sadness was partly what made me want to travel to Japan and stay their for a month and enjoy the Christmas vibe in the country. Granted, Christmas is more like an extended Valentine’s Day for couples and a time where families can exchange […]

The One about the Yebisu Garden Place Christmas Illumination

Ebisu is one of the more popular districts in Shibuya and was founded back in 1928 as a community developed around the Japan Beer Brewery Company (now known as Sapporo Breweries Limited) which was known for Yebisu Beer in 1890. Named after the Japanese god of fisherman and luck, Ebisu is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune and so the region was named after him and you can see […]

The One about Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2017

In Tokyo, there are few sites that really go out when it comes to illumination during the Christmas holidays. Tokyo Midtown in Akasaka is one of those places.  And this year’s Tokyo Midtown Christmas 2017 did not disappoint. One of the larger, classy commercial spaces that offers offices, hotels, leisure space and also is the location of the Suntory Museum of Art, the Midtown Tower will be the tallest building […]