The One about Nicolas House in Harajuku

Japan is a competitive place for restaurateurs and sometimes by the time I want to blog about something, to realize that the place had closed or were in the process of closing.

Photo source: Nicolas House official website

Such as the case of Nicolas House, a crepe location and restaurant that was owned by French chef Nicholas Charles in Harajuku and right near Omotesando.

Unfortunately, the place closed in December 2016 but were known for creating desserts that were inspired by his passion for rabbits.  In fact, there are rabbit ears that patrons can wear while feasting on the delicious desserts at Nicolas House.

Photo source: Nicolas House Official Website

Want his famous Usagi Crepe or Usagi Cream Puffs, profiteroles, parfait or just want tea?  Or just want to look at the cute bunny plushes all around, this was the cool vibe that you got from Nicolas House.  You can see cool interior shots from Appetite for Japan.

On December 26th through December 30th, to show his gratitude for those who came and supported Nicolas House, chef Nicholas Charles gave away free cream puffs for those who had a cafe reservation before the closure.

I want to wish chef Nicholas Charles all the best in his future endeavors.  What he brought to Harajuku was no doubt a special, unique place.