The One about Toyota’s theme park, MEGA WEB Part 2

As I discussed visiting Toyota’s amusement park, Mega Web in Odaiba, Japan, in a previous blog post, I focused on the exterior of the building but not what’s inside.

So, as I visited Mega Web once again, I figured why not show you the interior in two parts.  One featuring their modern cars and the second, which I will showcase their classic cars museum a.k.a. “History Garage” (saving for another blog post in the near future).

The first floor is the “Tokyo Line-Up Zone” but on the second floor, you will find the “Waku-Doki Zone” with the race cars and on the third floor are the concept cars in the “Global Discovery Zone”.

When you enter the main section of Mega Web, you will see a lot of test cars, concept cars, modern race cars to engines, car frames and so much more.  Also, a section for children (a playground).

Also, for car enthusiasts, there are a few motorsports shops that sell automobile gear.  From race car outfits and merchandise (for Toyota and other Japanese car makers, especially Honda).

If you are heading to Odaiba, stop by the Venus Fort area (right outside the Tokyo Teleport station) to visit Toyota Mega Web.