The One about Toyota’s theme park, MEGA WEB


Odaiba has plenty of offerings for those visiting the area. And for those who want to check out Palette Town which includes Tokyo Leisure Land, Zepp Tokyo, Palette Plaza or Venus Fort can also check out the huge MEGA WEB amusement center from Toyota.

Featuring three facilities, on the first floor is Toyota Line-Up Zone in which 60 Toyota current models are being displayed. You can also test drive a Toyota car in a cool course (Note: For travelers, an International Driving Permit is required). Also, on the first floor is the restore pit and you can watch mechanics restoring classic cars. For racing fans, there is also a GP archive featuring diorama and replicas.

Head to the second floor and you can check out Toyota’s latest technology implemented in their vehicles. Also, located on the second floor is the “Waku-Doki Zone”, which is a simulated circuit or car garage. And also the historic car collection featuring 20 classic cars from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

It’s interesting because most of the guys are checking out the Toyota offerings, while women (wives) and children are often kicking back on the second floor at Ride Studio, which is a huge course for children (their are two areas – Indoor Ride One for children 6 and over [think bumper cars] and another called Petit Ride One for ages 3 to 5). For adults who want to join in with their kids, offered is a Fun Kart Ride.

there is also the corridor which is a wine cellar style layout but featured are books and car toys in cases.

Overall, if you are in Odaiba and in this part of the area and love cars, definitely give MEGA WEB a try!

Photos by Antonio Airoso