The One about Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups

Back in the ’90s, Jim and Patty Roberts created a company known as Coffee People.

In Portland, the Roberts were minority owners of 40 Coffee People stores and the coffee shop was growing quickly, expanding to Denver, Chicago and California and the company even went public in 1996.

But along with expansion and going public, Coffee People stumbled and were sold to Gloria Jean’s, which was owned by Canadian-based company, Second Cup. And then Gloria Jeans also stumbled and was sold to Diedrich Coffee in 1999.

But Diedrich closed down its retail stores in 2006 and in 2009, Vermont-based Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. would eventually buy Diedrich.

While Coffee People restaurants are no longer, the brand still exists thanks to Green Mountain Coffee’s Keurig line of K-Cups ala Coffee People Jet Fuel Dark Roast Coffee.

As Coffee People is known for having extra bold coffee such as Jet Fuel, Wake Up Call and Black Tiger, “Jet Fuel” is a coffee that is dark, sweet and yes, it will give you that extra caffeine rush!

It’s not entirely bitter nor does it taste burned.  It’s quite smooth and more medium-bold.  It does have a smokey taste with the sweetness from the arabica beans.

And I actually like it a lot!  Of course, I don’t drink it straight.  I have to have my creamer along with it, White Mocha or Irish Cream to give me a slight more sweetness and something close to my preference of coffee taste.

But I absolutely enjoyed Coffee People Jet Fuel Dark Roast K-Cups and definitely one of my favorites for Dark Roast coffee k-cups!