The One about the QFRONT Building in Shibuya


Possibly one of the most recognizable buildings in Tokyo is the QFRONT building right across from Shibuya Station and right there at the corner of Shibuya Crossing (Shibuya Scramble).

With a huge LED video advertising screen right on front, the retail store property is the home of TSUTAYA (a CD/DVD store) and on the second floor is Starbucks Coffee.

The QFRONT building was completed in December 14, 1999 and had its grand opening on the 17th of December.

The floors are as follows:

8F is Shibuya Dining Punraku

7F is TSUTAYA (Manga section) – Back then it was a cinema area and at one time hosted Shibuya Takarazuka until January of 2010.

6F is TSUTAYA books, magazines and WIRED CAFE

5F is TSUTAYA DVD Rentals for many films (western/overseas, TV dramas and adult)

4F is TSUTAYA DVD and CD Rentals for anime and adult, jazz and soundtrack

3F is TSUTAYA CD Rentals (western and Japanese music)

2F is TSUTAYA CD section, movie tickets and Starbucks Coffee

1F is TSUTAYA CD, DVD and BLU-RAY section and Starbucks Coffee

B1 is TSUTAYA featuring manga, magazines and light novels

B2 is TSUTAYA new and used video games, used CD and DVD’s

Overall, QFRONT is no doubt a building that everyone will be captivated due to its huge video screen.  But is it worth visiting inside?   If you don’t plan to go to Akihabara, then TSUTAYA is great for finding CD, DVD’s, manga, video games, etc.

Looking for a slightly higher end restaurant, then Shibuya dining Punraku is worth visiting (expect to pay $35+ per person) and if you are wanting to rest and grab a drink, then the Shibuya Starbucks is worth visiting.

But with so much happening in Shibuya, so many places to visit and see, definitely take your time and enjoy the whole Shibuya ward!

Otherwise, if you just want to stay around Shibuya scramble, then QFRONT is a building worth visiting.