The One about the Ralph Lauren Tedd Boots


I have reviewed the various Ralph Lauren Polo shoes out there.

This time, I will take a look at the Ralph Lauren Tedd leather boots.

Made in China, the Ralph Lauren Tedd’s (Brown Gum) feature a waxy leather upper, rounded-toe silhouette, lace-up closure, two-tone detail and rawhide two-tone leather laces, the Teed features a synthetic insole, detailed stitching and are true to size.

What I like about these shoes is the dark brown leather, the tag at the ends and the Ralph Lauren Polo debossed signature pony logo accents on the sides.

I like the two-tone colors but like their canvas shoes, the detail runs inside the insole and you can easily feel the bumps.

I like the leather padded collar on the top of the boot, the debossed “Polo” at the tongue and the treaded rubber outsole for the most part, the shoe is quite attractive.

The only thing is that the “Polo” logo on the back of the boot is not always straight.  My right shoe features a box that is straight but on the left, it’s at an angle.

But these are cool looking boots, with the white solo versions featuring dark brown, black, gray, navy, red and camel.

Available are black leather and black insoles, and a tan version of the boot I am featuring.

But for the most part, Ralph Lauren Tedd Boots are very cool looking boots that are in line with the sneakers and canvas shoes released by Ralph Lauren Polo.  But I do not know how the shoes would hold up over time.

Still, you can often find the Tedd’s on sale, especially on the Ralph Lauren website.  Definitely keep an eye on these boots if they drop to under $35 or under $30!