The One about the Vegetable Garden Update (September 2017)

Vegetable Garden Update Sept. 30, 2017: For those who have been following my vegetable update since January 2017. A short-recap, I started with a container garden, seedlings on growlights in the winter, transplanting outdoors and they were producing by March-June. 110+ degree temperatures killed 95% of them within two weeks in late June by heating up the containers and literally killing of all plants, especially tomato plants slowly. I was […]

My Organic Container-based Vegetable Garden – June 19, 2017 Update

So far the cherry tomatoes are kicking in…primarily the normal cherry tomatoes, chocolate cherry and the super snow white. I will have to say the snow white cherry tomatoes are absolutely sweet and delicious and definitely will continue to plant those. Costata Romanesco and Striata d’Italia zucchini’s and my bell peppers are actually growing well. The only thing is the spacemaster cucumbers…they are horrendously bitter. I had to look it […]

The One about the Organic Vegetable Garden

Typically, I would prepare my back yard by getting my vegetable garden ready by tilling and getting the soil all set.  Purchasing the seeds and begin planting them. But unfortunately, due to the severe drought in California, I have been focusing on doing my part of not using up water and have avoided creating my garden for three straight years (the following photos are from 2012). I have to admit, […]