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The One about V.I.P. Pizza in Tulare, California

Once in awhile, I travel through Tulare and stop by V.I.P. Pizza. A great place to watch sports games and eat pizza, but most of all, coming by and taking advantage of the lunch buffet. It’s important to note that this is not like Round Table lunch buffet, with several pizzas all ready to go. Also, the pizzas are similar to Me n Ed’s, in terms of the way it’s cooked, and it’s quite delicious! […]

The One about Richard’s Lunchbox in Tulare, California

Richard’s Lunchbox is one of the gems of Tulare, California. Delicious food that is packed… In other words, if you are counting calories, this place is not for you because their sandwiches are enormous. It’s an interesting location because there is an airplane that is used as a restaurant. Granted, the place does get pack and if you are there for lunch, just know it takes a while for them to barbecue and prepare the […]

The One about Bravo Farms in Tulare

Back in 1995, Bravo Farms opened their first restaurant in Traver, California. Three more restaurants would follow.  Another in Tulare Country (2009), Visalia (2012) and Kettleman City in 2014. When it comes to ingredients and customer service, there are a few restaurants that I truly enjoy in the Central Valley and Bravo Farms Restaurant and Cheese Shoppe is one of them. While the main restaurant in Traver features an actual farm and great for children, […]