The One about the Geidai Taito Sumida Sightseeing Art Project

If you happen to be near Sumida Park near the river with the Tokyo Skytree in the background, you will see structures for the Geidai Taito Sumida Sightseeing Art Project. The project was created by students and professors at Tokyo University of the Arts and the Geidai Taito Sumida Sightseeing Art Project (GTS) is a series of art pieces that run alongside the river walkway near Sumida Park (which is […]

The One about Komagatado Hall in Taito

Asakusa is known for the Senso-ji Temple and to the right of it is Sumida Park, Sumida River and Tokyo Skytree in Sumida. Located right near the Sumida River on a street corner is Komagatado Hall in Taito. Which was erected back in 942 and has gone through several rebuilds, its most recent in 2003. The exact roots of Komagatado Hall are quite unclear. According to “Senso-ji Engi”, a book […]

The One about Sumida Park

If you are heading east from the temples of Asakusa, toward Tokyo Skytree, before the Sumida River is a park known as Sumida Park (Sumida Koen). Just five minutes from Asakusa station at 1 Mukoujima Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Sumida Park is extremely popular in March and April for the cherry blossoms. With over 1000 Sakura trees planted along the riverside, Sumida park was once a private park of a Shogun family. […]

The One about Tokyo Skytree

In 2012, Tokyo Skytree was unveiled to the public. A broadcasting, restaurant and observation tower in Sumida, Tokyo, the tower is the “tallest tower” in the world and the second tallest structure in the world. Tokyo Skytree also serves as the primary television and radio broadcast site for the Kanto region.   As of 2015, Tokyo Skytree now has free Wi-Fi service and the location has a great view of […]