The One about Shimochari Bicycle Service in Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazwa is known for its shops and restaurants but for those looking for a bike or need bike service should stroll by Shimochari Bicycle Service owned by Hajime. When going inside the shop,  you’ll notice that there are is a lot of love for California, may it be surf-inspired signs (or American signs in general) to his line of California Bikes that many people purchase and want to stroll in […]

The One about Robson Fries in Shimokitazawa

As America has “French Fries”, Japan has “Potatoes”.  But have you heard of Robson Fries? Robson Fries are inspired by fries from Canada but with a Japanese style and can be found in the trendy area of Shimokitazawa in the Setagaya ward of Tokyo. In America, we are used to seeing fries fried in oil.  At Robson Fries, their fries are made with 100% rice oil to lower cholesterol and […]

The One about Pancontomate Pasta House in Shimokitazawa

In several cities in Tokyo, one can find a Pancontomate Pasta House restaurant. A chain of Italian-inspired restaurants which opened in Japan back in 1981 and known for their 2.5mm noodles.  But the name “Pan Con Tomate” is actually a simple Spanish snack which is a Spanish-style toast with olive oil, garlic on bread with ripe grated tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt. Popular for their Italian dishes, one […]