The One about the Glico Sign at Dotonbori in Namba, Osaka

In Osaka, especially in Dotonbori, you will find hundreds of people making their way to Ebisu Bridge for one thing and that is to take a photo with the famous Glico sign in the background. But what is the significance of the Glico Sign? For those not familiar with Glico, the company is known for manufacturing confectionery products such as chocolate, chips, gum, ice cream and dairy products. Known for […]

The One about Crayonhouse in Tokyo and Osaka

Located in Omotesando (Tokyo) and in Osaka is a specialty shop known as Crayonhouse. Created with children and also the disabled in mind, Keiko Ochiai wanted to create a company that was not male or adult-centered. She wanted a place where children can enjoy and love and peace is the theme. As for the products, Crayonhouse purchase items outright.  Because instead of dealing with companies and then return unsold items, […]