The One about Asakusa Jinja

I wrote about Asakusa Senso-ji and Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist Temple, Asakusa Jinja back in 2015 and explored the history, but because I came with friends in the last trip, I didn’t fully explore the location until the following year. Granted, when we last went, it was early in the morning, crowded but still easy to navigate.  I went to the location in the afternoon and having experienced other shrines and […]

The One about Asakusa Nishiyama

Are you planning to head to Asakusa to check out the popular Sensoji Temple? If you are coming out from the #2 Exit of Asakusa Station at Ginza Line or right across the street from Kaminarimon in Asakusa, check out Asakusa Nishiyama. Asakusa Nishiyama is a Japanese sweets cafe which was established back in 1852.  Not many cafe’s have been around that long and for 160 years, the cafe is […]

The One about Revisiting Asakusa Kaminarimon Clover Cafe

It has been a year since I last visited Clover Cafe in Asakusa. But with the popularity of the cafe’s animal designs on their coffee, the signs are now heavily promoting “Doubutsu Cappuccino” and of course, the cafe’s popular chiffon cake. With this latest visit, I wanted to try something different but most of all, take photos inside the establishment, which I wish I did last year. But most importantly, […]

The One about Funawa Cafe in Asakusa

Outside of Asakusa Station and not far from the major temples is one of the oldest Japanese sweet shops in Tokyo, Funawa Cafe. Established in 1902, the place is known for selling “imo yokan” (sweet potato paste), various an-mitsu offerings (red bean+ fruit or cream) and also special ice cream (note: in Japan, they call it soft cream). But one of the difficulties that some people tend to have is […]