The One About Discovering Japanese Music: AKB48’s “Kaze wa Fuiteiru (Type-B)”

AKB48, the idol group that took Japan by storm and has been one of the few music groups in Japan that continuously reaches over a million in sales thanks to their dedicated fanbase. Back in 2011, AKB48 released their 23rd CD single “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” (which translates to “The Wind is Blowing”) and a song that features an upbeat, touching song with lyrics to help those who suffered from the […]

The One about SKE48 Cafe & Shop with AKB48 in Nagoya

Back in 2015, I wrote about my experience at AKB48 Cafe & Shop in Akihabara. For those not familiar with AKB48, AKB48 is an idol group that began in Akihabara is one of the most successful idol pop groups in Japan. Since 2012, nearly every CD single released, has achieved over a million copies sold. Fans buying dozens to hundreds of CD singles for voting tickets, handshake tickets or two-shot […]

The One about IWA produced by Mayumi Uchida in Shinjuku

Located in Shinjuku is yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant called IWA and it is produced by former AKB48 (a popular Japanese female idol group) member, Mayumi Uchida. Mayumi Uchida, during her time at AKB48, was a vibrant performer who was known for being the first member to win the AKB48 rock-paper-scissors tournament (Janken Taika) which gives the winner the opportunity to become the main/center lead performer for a single track. And […]