The One about Fish Coop Stand at Commune 2nd in Minato

It was a cold, windy day and left Omotesando to meet friends near Minamiaoyama in Minato (just across the street) and what best than to grab a quick bite to eat at the Fish Coop Stand located at Commune 2nd.

I have written about the location before but this time I want to focus on the seafood food truck known for its seafood but also a place to grab a beer and wine.

Fish Coop Stand is known for using seasonal ingredients such as raw oysters, local octopus and a wide variety of spirits. But its forte is using domestic fish and shellfish based on the concept of “supporting Japanese fishery”.

Ryohei Watanabe, owner of the Fish Coop Stand owns farms at FARM CAMPUS in Chiba and cafes but while working in agriculture, he also loves fishing and thinking about the fishing industry, he wanted to create that feeling of his passion for fishing in the city.

And bringing this concept to Commune 2nd was for the purpose of deepening relationships, to meet and interact with people.

I decided to go for the seafood fritters for Y1000.  One of the staples of going to the Wharf in San Francisco or beach town is to go for the seafood.  America, it’s typical for us to buy the fish n’ chips and it’s more or less something you get for you or something to eat with the family.

So, going to Fish Coop Stand, it’s like being at the beach, but I’m eating in Tokyo.  Where you get a real good portion of seafood.

And it was quite delicious.

Sitting underneath the heater, as it was windy and freezing, it also reminded me of being at the beach and the numerous times where a gust of wind would just hit and always going in the morning, feeling that morning chill.  But it was one of the happening spots at Commune 2nd that night, as a few areas were closed for the day, I was pretty happy that Fish Coop Stand was open and noticed a few people going there for the spirits.

As communication is a big thing about the Fish Coop Stand, it was cool talking to Japanese wanting to try their English and asking me where I was from and wanted to discuss Yosemite.

Needless to say, the place was all about good vibes, good spirits and wonderful food!

The Fish Coop Stand at Commune 2nd.  Check it out!