The One about Nakau Japanese restaurants

One of my favorite dishes in Japan is chicken donburi or oyakodon (a chicken rice bowl dish in which chicken, egg, sliced scallion/onions with a soup made of soy sauce and stock are on top of the rice).  While a beef bowl, known as gyudon with beef, onion with dashi and sauce made of soy sauce and mirin.

While places like Yoshinoya is known for gyudon, Nakau is known for their oyakodon and I absolutely love eating at this restaurant.

With 470 locations around Japan, the chain is known for their donburi and Kyoto-style udon soft noodles.

You can order gyudon (beef rice bowl), oyakodon (chicken rice bowl) or tonkatsu (pork cutlet) on scrambled egg rice bowls.  You can order in three sizes: small, regular and large.

You can also order salad, fried chicken, picked veggies with miso soup for under Y200.

If you are not wanting a beef or chicken bowl, ou can order udon.  May it be deep-fried tofu, udon with tempura bits, beef udon or deep fried shrimp and veggie tempura udon.   For the udon bowls, you can purchase a half-size or regular.

Nakau also sells curry and breakfast sets such as rice, raw egg served with natto, small beef plate, sunny side up egg(s) or grilled salmon and beef.

And most of the dishes are under Y500.

That’s the aim of Naku, great food at inexpensive prices.

When you are seated, you can grab onto a spoon and chopsticks.  People were using their left hand for the spoon and chop sticks on their right hand.  To the left is seasoning and to the right, the main drink offered is matcha (green tea).  There are pitchers on every table of green tea.

I ordered an oyakodon set which came with Kyoto-style udon which is made in-house and the broth is cooked using dried bonito and kelp.

And the best part about this meal is that it was under Y1000.

Customer service was great, the restaurant was clean and I absolutely enjoyed my time at Nakau.

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves oyakodon, definitely give Nakau a try!  And because their are many restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka, finding a nearby restaurant is not difficult at all.