Travel Guide: The One about How to Withdraw Money from a 7-Eleven ATM in Japan

#TravelLife – For those who are traveling to Japan and want to know how they can withdraw money, 7-Eleven is the best way.

Not all 7-Eleven have ATM’s but the first step is to look for the red/white sign outside the window that has ATM. If it does, then you can go to the ATM, insert your ATM/Credit Card and withdraw.

The machines offer different languages, so it’s quite convenient.

It’s important to also note that travelers will want to use 7-Eleven ATM’s as other convenience stores do have ATM’s but they are for Japanese-residents only, so best to stick with 7-Eleven stores.

Here is a video I created to help travelers who want to know how to use a 7-Eleven ATM: