The One about Shibamata Park in Katsushika

In Katsushita is Shibamata Park and unlike other parks which are on flat land, Shibamata Park requires a bit of a climb.

Popular during spring time for cherry blossoms, Shibamata Park is right next to the Tora-san Museum.

I’ll go more into Tora-san and the Yamada Yoji Museum in the next blog post but for now, let’s talk about Shibamata Park.

Definitely a lush green park, but different in the fact that it’s not in flat land.  You actually have to climb up stairs to get to the main park.  And from what I saw, this was a place where people were walking their parks or getting a workout going up and down the park area.

It’s a beautiful, small, elevated park that is great for people who want to kick back and enjoy the outdoor, but also want to visit the Tora-San/Yamada Yoji Museums.