The One about Daishimae Station in Adachi

For anyone traveling to Adachi ward, especially to visit Nishiaraidaishi Soji Temple, will no doubt come to or leave from Daishimae Station.

Operated by the Tobu Railway, the Tobu Daishi Line platform takes you only to Nishiarai.

Opened back in 1931, the station number is TS 51.

The only time the station stopped operation was during World War II, when the station was closed in May 1945 and was re-opened in May 1947.

The station was relocated due in 1968 due to renovations of a nearby street and in 1991, an elevated platform was created.

The average daily passengers has lessened with the adding of more stations in Japan.  Back in 1974 (Showa 29), the station would receive 14,509 passengers per day, but now, the average (as of 2015) was 6,981.

If anything, the station kind of reminded me of a local airplane hanger but for the most part, it’s a quiet, not too busy station.