The One about Monasterio de Tarlac in Barangay Lubigan in the Philippines

Located in Barangay Lubigan, San Jose City of the Philippines is the Monasterio de Tarlac at Mount Resurrection Eco Park.

Often referred as the Rio de Janeiro of the Philippines, it’s thanks to the 32-foot statue of Jesus Christ on Mount Resurrection which welcomes visitors to the area.

Mount Resurrection Eco Park was developed by former congressman Jose “APING” Yap and the location has become a popular tourist destination.

Monasterio de Tarlac is another reason people to visit the park.  It is said that the the monastery houses a relic of the cross accepted by the Roman Catholic Church as the one where Christ died.  The relic was brought to the monastery back in January 30, 2017 and the relic is kept in a box under the altar table.  (You can click here to see the box)

The relic is believed to be discovered by Saint Helena (mother of Emperor Constantine the Great) in Jerusalem.  It was believed that Saint Helena had the three crosses used during the crucifixion to be excavated.  She brought a woman who was dying to touch the three crosses.  The first two crosses, nothing happened but the third healed the woman.

Every January 19th, the relic is honored to celebrate the anniversary of its enshrinement and also on September 14th.   During Holy Week, thousands of people visit the area to take part in rituals and ceremonies.

For my parents, I know this place was important for them to visit and it’s a location that is on the bucket list for many others to travel and visit.