The One about Kita City Asakuyama Museum

Located at Asakuyama Park in Kita Ward is the Kita City Asakuyama Museum.

Established in 1998, the museum is one of the three museums located at the park.  The second floor being the entrance, reception room and auditorium, the third floor is the learning room, snack room, while the first floor is the exhibition room that showcases the history of Arakawa.

The museum opens at 10:00 a.m. through 5:00 pm. (tickets for the exhibition room are sold until 4:30 p.m.) and is closed every Monday.

Admission is inexpensive at 300 yen and 150 yen for senior citizens and 80 yen for children.

While I was hoping to see the ancient history of Japan through its Jomon and Yayoi era exhibits and Japan’s distant past, unfortunately the exhibit room was closed and only one section of the building showcasing a certain artist’s work was where we were allowed to go (no charge).

While myself and another was there, what I noticed was staff catering to one man.  In fact, while I was leaving, the staff gathered together to bow for the man, which leads me to believe he was either an artist or a high-profile person.

So, I am guessing the museum was closed off for this special individual.

So, unfortunately, I was unable to partake in viewing the museum as much as I would have hoped.

The Kita City Asakuyama Museum is quite modern in architecture and from what I was able to see of the exhibit room (pictured above), it looks pretty cool.  But another visit to the museum is most definitely warranted, whenever I’m in the Kita Ward again.