The One about the Vornado EVDC300 Energy Smart Evaporative Humidifier

Having utilized Vornado fans and heaters, I have to admit that I was quite amazed by the quality of the “Vornado EVDC300 Evaporative Humidifier“.

The EVDC300 has a coverage of 750 sq. ft., output per day is 3 gallons and has a warranty for 5 years and 10 years for the motor. According to Vornado, the EVDC300 is driven by an Energy Smart DC motor that is more powerful and uses 90% less energy that a comparable Vornado AC motor-driven humidifier. So, that’s pretty awesome!

The settings are easy to figure out. The LED display features a control of humidity levels from 40%-60% or one can allow the unit to run continuously. There is a choice of fan speed (Turbo-HH, High-HI and Low-LO), power on and off, an energy smart mode for those who want to be energy efficient and a photodetector sensor which adapts to the light detected in the room and adjusting the brightness of the control display and light.

Filling the water tank is easy, take the cannister out, open up from the bottom and add the water. Once you are done adding the water, put the bottom cap back on and put it back in the humidifier.

It’s important to note that the humidifier goes through water quickly, especially if you have it in Turbo Speed. According to the instructions, Turbo-speed operation will evaporate 3 gallons of water (+/- 10%) in 24 hours of continuous operation. Assuming room conditions of 70 degrees F and 30% relative humidity.

It’s important to note that this device needs a wick replacement possibly ever 4-8 weeks, depending on use. According to Vornado, “While your humidifier came equipped with a Wick, you will eventually have to replace it, as they last approximately 4–8 weeks, depending on use. Many
factors affect the life of the Wicks, including amount of use, water hardness and outside environmental factors. You will know the Wick needs to be
replaced when it becomes hard and is no longer absorbing the water effectively. ”

So, prepare to stock up on these: [[ASIN:B01J664VSA Vornado MD1-0034 Replacement Humidifier Wick (2-Pack)]]

But for the most part, I have been using this humidifier often this summer due to my allergies but for the most part, the Vornado EVDC300 works very well, but it’s important to emphasize that because the Wicks are only supposed to last 4-8 weeks (depending on water and other environmental factors), this is an additional cost one needs to prepare for (so expect to pay $13 every two months for a 2-pack). Also, according to reviewers of the wick, they are much thinner than what came with the humidifier, I haven’t had a chance to order one myself, but definitely read the reviews before jumping in and purchasing this device.

Overall, the Vornado EVDC300 works very well, easy to use and does a great job. But because wicks will need to be purchased, especially if you use the humidifier often, just be prepared for the additional cost.

Otherwise, a solid product!