The One about Shiodome

In the Minato Ward, an area was redeveloped and opened in 2002 and would be known as Shiodome (pronounced as she-yo-do-may), a name which translates to “halt the tides”.

The location which is the headquarters for Nippon Television and home to many cafe, restaurants and stores attract thousands of visitors each day.

Not bad for an area that was once a tidal marshland used to separate the Imperial Palace from Tokyo Bay but when the marshes dried up, it was developed into residential land for the feudal lords during the Edo Period (1603-1867).  In fact, Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu issued an order in 1603 to fill the area (including the filling in of Shiodome River), so the location once housed the local residences of various feudal lords.

By 1872, the location was where Shimbashi Station was originally located and was literally a freight yard through the ’80s.

One of the biggest attractions is the Ghibli Clock or the official name “The Ni-Te Really Big Clock”.

The primary areas that people will most likely visit in the area is the Caretta Shiodome, a 51-story Dentsu Building which is the headquarters of the advertising company, Dentsu, which features shopping, dining and entertainment.  You will see advertisements for the Sky Restaurants for this building.

The Shiodome City Center is a 42-floor building which serves as headquarters for All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Fujitsu.  Also, filled with many shops and restaurants.

The Nippon TV Tower is the headquarters for Nippon Television and where a lot of spring concerts and televised programs are shot for the TV network.

One can find the old Shimbashi Station Building, the Advertising Museum and Panasonic Living Showroom.

And right next to Shiodome is Hama Rikyu Gardens and Italian Town on the opposite side of the train tracks.

If you are in Tokyo, definitely visit Shiodome.  It’s a happening area and great place to dine.