The One about Shimochari Bicycle Service in Shimokitazawa

Shimokitazwa is known for its shops and restaurants but for those looking for a bike or need bike service should stroll by Shimochari Bicycle Service owned by Hajime.

When going inside the shop,  you’ll notice that there are is a lot of love for California, may it be surf-inspired signs (or American signs in general) to his line of California Bikes that many people purchase and want to stroll in a beach cruiser-like jitensha (bicycle) different from what others are riding in Tokyo.

I asked how Hajime got into the culture and he said that he was inspired by his visit to California.  He needed a creative break and visiting California, he absolutely fed off the energy and wanted to bring that back home.

Aside from the bike business that keeps Hajime busy, he also has a business called SHO Enterprises which he sells American signs and products in Japan.

If you happen to visit Shimokitazawa, definitely stop by Shimochari Bicycle Service and say hello to Hajime!