The One about Niku no Suzuki in Yanaka Ginza

When it comes to menchi-katsu (minced meat with vegetables in a fried potato covering), people are quite selective of what’s best.

From Kichijoji’s Harmonica Alley to Asakusa, there are people who have their favorites, but there is one menchi-katsu restaurant that gets a lot of television coverage, has many celebrity visitors and can have long lines of people waiting to purchase some.

Knowing this, I had to give Niku no Suzuki located in Yanaka Ginza a chance.

The first thing you will notice are screen captures of Johnny’s music talent eating menchi-katsu at Niku no Suzuki and various news articles including with the owner of the establishment.

But of course, what attracts you immediately is the variety of coroquette (korokke).  May it be curry or kani cream korokke to menchi-katsu, Niku no Suzuki offers a good variety of korokke.  And as one can expect, they are absolutely delicious!

If you are craving korokke or menchi-katsu, definitely give Niku no Suzuki a chance!