The One about the Kyushu Cat Uncle

In Tokyo, there is a man who is known to generate a crowd wherever he goes.

Known as the Kyushu Cat Uncle, he travels to various locations around Tokyo to take his beloved cats for a walk.

While for some people, seeing these cats in busy areas crowded into in a baby stroller may generate a variety of positive and negative emotions, or even some worry as some may think these cats will jump out.

In fact, some have contacted the police and accused Kyushu Cat Uncle for abuse for putting too many cats in a stroller.

Kyushu Cat Uncle has tweeted about how he doesn’t feel cats should be confined to staying inside a room all the time.  He feels that taking them out on walks is great! And there is no doubt about it, he loves his cats and bringing them to new areas.

While a crowd generated under Kyushu Cat Uncle and everyone took photos or to pet them, I tried to pet one and she was not having it.

But these cats seemed to be well-trained and walking through Omotesando and the large crowds around them, these cats were not spooked enough to jump out.  They were just sleeping or looking around.

But for now, check out his Facebook or Twitter page.  You can see how Kyushu Cat Uncle prepares the cats (giving them baths), plans out the areas he will visit and his transportation vehicle and more.

Nevertheless, these cats are cute and if you are in Tokyo or some area in Japan, don’t be surprised if you see the Kyushu Cat Uncle pushing a stroller filled with his beloved cats.