The One about Tokyo Dome Ball Park Store

For those going to Tokyo Dome and are looking for Yomiuri Giants (the popular Tokyo Central League baseball team) gear, you have three options.

One is the small official Yomiuri Giants store, the other is the Under Armour Yomiuri Giants store and then you have Tokyo Dome Ball Park Store.

A store that caters to fans of all NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) teams, you can find team merchandise throughout the store.

But for Yomiuri Giants gear, Tokyo Dome Ball Park has a huge offering of merchandise that actually outshines the Yomiuri Giants official store.

The Tokyo Dome Ball Park Store can be found next door to the  Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame.  If you have the chance to visit Japan and love baseball and happen to be near Bunkyo Ward, definitely give this store a chance at Tokyo Dome!