The One about Adding Another Adidas Stan Smith Pair of Shoes…

Two years ago, I wrote about how thrilled I was to get my white and blue Adidas Stan Smith pair of shoes.  But many people have asked me… “Are you going to by the classic version with the white and green?”.

In the past…I was not the type of person who would buy the same pair of shoe with a different color.

But for those who have been on my blog and saw me buying things like this:

Or this:

I guess I do purchase the same shoe with different colors quite often.

I know there are people who do that with their Converse Chuck Taylor’s, but when it comes to white sneakers, I haven’t really done that.

But Adidas was having an awesome sale and the Stan Smith’s happened to be on sale that I figured that maybe it was time to get the classic green.

Having been bugged about if I would ever get the classic green, I found myself perusing Google Images and Pinterest to see if the Stan Smith green’s would work with my wardrobe and would I regret it since I have the same exact sneaker, just in dark blue.

But now that I have them…I have no regrets.  The green is quite striking and it works well with my Ralph Lauren green polo that I have.  But nevertheless, I have no regrets and glad to add another pair of Adidas Stan Smith to my wardrobe and shoe collection!