The One about the Go! Go! Curry Challenge

I have blogged about Go! Go! Curry before and for me, each time I have been to Japan, I have to tried to visit the restaurant as I love their thick curry sauce.

But there is something that I have not been able to accomplish and that is the Go! Go! Curry challenge.

The restaurant offers large size of meals that only the best of curry eaters can go through and I have gone in with the emptiest stomach and still haven’t been able to accomplish completing an entire meal.

This time around…I was ready. Or so I thought.

I didn’t go for the largest size but I did get a considerable sized dish and while it looks simple, underneath is a lot of rice.  I was able to finish off 75% of it but I had so much rice left over.  I probably should have asked or ordered more sauce but since this store is in the middle of the busy area of Shibuya, the place was already packed.

So, I tried to wing it as much as I could do to finish but once again, I came up short.

Close…but challenge failed.

Have any of you been successful at the Go! Go! Curry Challenge?  Let me know!

Here are videos of other challenges and competitions: