The One about Inarisuwa Shrine in Nerima

Located near Ikebuchishiseki Park in Nerima is Inarisuwa Shrine.

Also known as Wada Inari Jinja, this Shinto Shrine is also known as Dengoro Inari or Wadaborinari and was once used as a guardian protecting the surrounding Wada district but since the Meiji period, the name of the shrine is officially Inarisuwa Shrine.

While there are documents of the shrine, there is no clear date of when it was created.  On the back of a stone monument (erected in 1932) in the shrine, the inscription mentions warriors of hundreds of years ago that are derived from the area.

The Inarisuwa Shrine Worship Hall

Inari Suwa Shrine Shinkin Bairai

The hall of worship would go through fireproofing and renovation after a fire and it had to be rebuilt on a reinforced concrete structure.

In Nerima, Inarisuwa Shrine features a Taiwa Torii entrance, only three of them exist in the Nerima ward.  The first torii (gate) is stone, but afterward, the second is in red.

The White oak (Shirakashi) of Kamiki standing in the center is also one of the biggest in the area.

The shrine also features a fox carving that was erected in 1900.  I didn’t know this until after the fact, so one of these days, I’ll have to go out and find it.

But overall, if you have walked around the huge Shakuji park and you come near the Nerima Shakujiikoen Furusato Museum, definitely give this small shrine a visit.