The One about Engineerable’s LensShifter Focus and Zoom

Back in 2012, Engineerable launched FocusShifter, a follow focus for DSLR cameras and an improved design with counterbalance in 2013.

The group unveiled their latest DSLR-related project known as the LensShifter which they put up on Kickstarter which they designed, prototyped and manufactured.

The LensShifter gives people precision control and a faster response, much better than what one would utilize with using the normal zoom and focus ring.

You can order one (red or blue) for $24.99 or a pair for $49.98.

I am reviewing a pair and you get two LensShifter handles, two toothed neoprene belts and two balance counterweights.

It’s fairly simple to setup.

Add the counterweights at the end of the neoprene toothed belt and then the first thing you want to do is go counter-clockwise with the knob on top of the lensshifter handles.  Underneath the ball area, inside, is a screwtype contraption that holds the belts and you can increase (counter-clockwise) or decrease (clockwise) slack.

So, you want to go counterclockwise until you can make the belt long enough to put around your zoom or focus ring.  And then you tighten the ball by going clockwise in order to tighten it around your zoom/focus ring and that’s it.

What I enjoy about the LensShifter is that it does give you much better precision control, especially for my prime lenses.  But where I noticed it works remarkable well for me is after a few hours and when you start becoming fatigued, the LensShifter really becomes quite useful.

As a photographer, there are times when I have long shoot times, a lot of holding the camera, my eyes and arms and hands get tired and I’ve noticed that my photos the longer I am shooting, are not as precise sometimes.  Granted, I shoot many photos to compensate but it helps to have the LensShifter to make things a little more easier.

I tested it while shooting macro shots and also on my 500mm zoom lens and also my 24-105 mm lens, but I definitely intend to bring these with me overseas for photoshoots after seeing the better precision I was able to achieve but also for those long photoshoots where I tend to get fatigued.

If there was one thing that I wish there was, I would rather have black or even gunmetal gray versus red or blue.  But I suppose, it makes it easy to find in your pile of camera gear and accessories because they are so colorful.

Some may find the price to be a little high, and I think that $19.99 for one is much better than $24.99 and $39.99 for pair than $44.99 would be even more reasonable.  But considering the alternatives out there, LensShifter is the best out there for giving one better precision control over their zoom and focus ring.

Overall, the LensShifter works magnificently for precision control for their photography needs.

For those who need the best control over their zoom and focus ring, will find Engineerable’s LensShifter to be wonderful and useful.  I definitely recommend it!