The One About My Organic Vegetable Garden (60 Days Later)

Having grown them in small containers back in January and having them grow through January and February under grow lights, a few I started transplanting at the end of February and the majority in March.

On day 36, I started to transplant more vegetables as you can see above.

By day 60 (today), you can see amazing growth.  For example, with my black cherry tomatoes and momotaro tomatoes, on day 34 they looked like this:

And today in day 60, they look like this…

And the same can be said for my other vegetables, by day 60, they are now starting to grow quickly…

Kyoto Red Carrot/Kintoki Ninjin 金時人参

Japanese Red Kuri Squash/Uchikikuri (ウチキクリ)

Striata d’Italia Zucchini

Italian Cocozelle Zucchini

Costata Romanesco Zucchini

And today, I transplanted the San Marzano tomatoes, Chocolate Beauty Sweet Peppers and Golden Greek Pepperoncini.

So, it will be great to see how things go in the next few weeks.

There are a few questions that a few people have asked me about my organic vegetable garden.

  • I tried growing vegetables especially tomatoes in containers but I was unsuccessful, what are you using?

I use the following:

I primarily go half and half with the Premier Sphagnum Peat Moss and the Kellogg Raised Bed and Potting Mix.  I also have done in three parts with cow manure compost, but now focus on the just the two parts.

And I use the rain water I collected.  But I have also used regular water as well from the outside faucet.

Once they have grown over an inch, I use a fertilizer which I put a teaspoon in a jug of water because the concentration is slightly high.  And I water each plant once a week with this early in the morning.

I also have these for each of my tomato plants after transplanting.

  • Did you grow all your seeds in the sterlite containers because I heard that vegetables grown from there don’t transplant well

All seeds I grew in 2017 have started in the Sterlite containers, I have transplanted them to containers and the plants have grown with no problems at all.  Now in terms of production, we’ll see once they full grow.  But I was careful transplanting them.

I also use this for when I transplanted them to containers.