The One about the Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter

Having used Pur pitchers for years and my only knowledge of Brita were filtered bottles that I used during my commutes and work outs, I wanted to try the Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter.

So, for this review, I’m going to compare it to the PUR Ultimate Pitcher that I use.

A major plus is that the Brita is a 10 Cup versus the PUR Ultimate Pitcher which is 7 Cup. Both are space efficient, but anther advantage that the Brita has two key things: The Brita has an easy fill locking lid, the PUR Ultimate Pitcher, you can easily spill water if not careful. The other is that the Brita Stream Filter comes with an Electronic Filter Indicator which checks the status of the filter when it needs to be replaced.

What I like about the Brita is that you fill up the reservoir and it’s good to go. With the PUR Ultimate Putcher, you need to fill up the top portion, wait until the water filters from the top before filling up the reservoir and it takes minutes to fill up the pitcher. While the PUR takes longer to fill the reservoir, the Brita is much slower at pouring.

The Brita Stream Filter and the PUR Ultimate Pitcher both lasts for 40 gallons. Both have one filter included.

And while the Brita is 10 Cup and the PUR Ultimate Pitcher is 7 Cup, there is also a price difference of about $13 (currently, the Brita is at $34.99 and the PUR is $21.88). And if you need to purchase extra filters, the Brita Stream Pitcher Replacement Water Filter comes with two for $14.99 and the PUR Ultimate Filter comes with two for $29.12 but has third parties such as Aquacrest that sells a filter 3-pack for $18.59.

Both claim to effectively reduce chlorine and PUR goes further to say it removes 95% of Mercury. I don’t see anywhere from BRITA claiming Mercury removal. And the more pricier Aquagear water filters go as far of mentioning that it removes flouride, lead, chromium 6, chloramines, mercury and chlorine (which is more expensive at $64.95), the filter is 150 gallons (and cost around $49.95) and also offers a lifetime guarantee.

If you want a quick fill and one that stores more water and has a status indicator, then the Brita Stream Filter of course has the edge.
But if you want something more cost effective and goes further aside of chlorine but also removing mercury, then the PUR Ultimate Pitcher has an edge. So, both have their own advantages/disadvantages. And if you have the money, then the Aquagear offers more but you’ll have to pay much more for the convenience.

Overall, the Brita Stream Filter is a good water filter but there are competitors that such as PUR and Aquagear with water filters that may be more to your liking, so I suggest to do some research and see which one works for you.