The One about FORESTY Cafe in Setagaya

In Japan, seeing a big name cafe is quite common.

FORESTY Cafe has the appearance of a big name cafe that you often see in Japan such as Doutor, Excelsior and even Starbucks.

But FORESTY Cafe is part of the Odakyu Restaurant System and for those who are not familiar with Odakyu, the Odakyu Group is a holding company based in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and originally originated as a rail transport operator.

As there is JR (Japan Railway), Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (OER) is a major railway best known for its Romancecar (old school train that started in 1957 and started with the 3000 series SE which broke the world speed record of 90 mph (145 km/h) for a narrow gauge train.

But now Odakyu has a diverse operation which includes real estate, retail, travel sales, credit card, fiber optics, tour bus services and more.

So, the fact that you can find FORESTY Cafe at an Odakyu station in only two locations: Seijogakuen-mae Station or Umegaoaka Station is no surprise.

If there is one thing that one will learn about the cafe, it’s inexpensive.  Coffee is under 400 yen (regular normal cup is 280 yen) and they also sell quite a few cheaper dishes, including pasta dishes for under 600 yen.

In fact, once you go in, right to your left is where they showcase the monthly breads (pastries) being offered and pastries are under 200 yen.  And they also sell tea, other beverages and fruit as well.

FORESTY Cafe takes pride of being a cafe where one can relax.  Otherwise, there are a few other cafe such as ROMANCECAR Cafe, Q’s Cafe,  Cafe Lu-Le, OASIS Station Drink Bar, etc.

But for those wanting a chill place to relax, work on your laptop or tablet and have a cup of delicious, yet inexpensive coffee near the Odakyu Line will no doubt enjoy FORESTY Cafe in Setagaya.