The One about Green Mountain Coffee’s Kenya Medium Roast Coffee K-Cups

As I have written about Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups in previous posts, I am now reviewing Green Mountain Coffee’s popular Kenya K-Cups.

Voted by many as a top K-Cup for its flavor, Green Mountain Coffee Kenya (formerly Kenyan AA) is medium roast coffee that barista and coffee enthusiasts have proclaimed as the best K-Cup available (note: Kenya AA was what many proclaimed as the best).

The Kenya is not made from AA bean but it is made from Arabica beans grown in Kenya, same grinding methods and weight have not changed.

With a fruity blackberry aroma, these Arabica beans are from the slops of Mt. Kenya, through the Rift Valley to the Shores of Lake Victoria, this coffee is made from the finest beans (graded AA) and are sold at weekly auctions ran by the Coffee Board of Kenya.

For those who are not familiar with Kenya, the Republic of Kenya is a country in Africa and its capital and largest city is Nairobi.

Known for its warm and humid tropical climate, Kenya is known for its safaris and wildlife reserves.

While Kenya is often shown in media negatively due to terrorism and instability or devastating drought, there is a business side of Kenya that is known for its coffee and tea.  And is the most valuable of all of Kenya’s exports. In fact, Kenya is ranked first before China and India in tea production.  Thanks to its tropical climate, volcanic red soils and rainfall.

The problem some people may have with the Green Mountain Coffee Kenya is the fact they think they are getting Dark Roast.  This is a Medium Roast Coffee, the Sumatran Reserve is their Dark Roast Coffee.

But the Green Mountain Coffee Kenya AA known for its premium Kenya AA beans was discontinued and Green Mountain Coffee now releases Kenya.

While I have never tried the original Kenyan AA, I do enjoy the flavor of Green Mountain Coffee’s Kenya (once again, I must emphasize that I use creamer and do not drink coffee straight up).

But I do understand if people are selective over the previous version and the current Kenya K-Cups.  Keurig does offer ground Kenyan Highland Cooperatives Medium Roast that I will probably try someday.

Overall, I do enjoy Green Mountain Coffee Kenya, but I prefer the Sumatran Reserve if I had to compare the two.  But still, a wonderful coffee worth trying!