My Top 10 Favorite Coffee K-Cups

I’ve tried so many K-Cups and drunk so much coffee (more than the photo of coffee K-Cup wall shown above) in the past few months that I’m often asked, “What is your favorite coffee K-Cup?”! As of February 2017, I’m going to list my favorite coffee K-cups (this does include One Cups not Vue Cups or Ground Coffee): MY TOP 10 COFFEE K-CUPS Peet’s Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais K-Cups Green […]

The One about My Grow Light Setup for my Plants and Vegetables

As I got my seedlings prepared and my plants are needing light as California has experienced overcast, cold weather, a lot of fog and rain, I knew that I need to get them light. Taking them out and getting acclimated to sunlight is one thing but plants need 16 hours of light, so I decided that I wanted to research lighting to grow my vegetables and plants. And get them […]