The One about the Savora 15-inch Acacia Wood Serving Chamfer Bowl

Prior to receiving this Savora 15-inch Acacia Wood Bowl, there are a number of things that went through my mind.

One, is 15-inch too large and why does this bowl cost so much? I was no doubt curious.

So, let’s take a look at Savora’s 15-inch Acacia Wood Serving Chamfer Bowl.


The Savora Acacia Wood Salad serving bowl comes in pretty big box. Along the lines of the size of a XBOX One or PS4 box.

The bowl is well-packaged with a lot of wrap to protect it from dings during shipping, as were the large serving fork and spoons, which were also wrapped well inside.


This bowl is massive! First things that came to my mind of not only would it be a great salad serving bowl but also a major fruit bowl. And I thought the 13-inch Acacia fork and spoons with the signature stainless steel tip was also pretty cool. Although, memories of my grandfather’s huge fork and spoon on the wall that he brought from the Philippines came to my mind when I saw these.

I also liked the Acacia wood and the way this bowl was carved. It’s absolutely beautiful too look at. And because it’s made of Acacia Wood (known for being durable and water-resistant and lasts for decades and it’s also a wood that is naturally anti-bacterial so its safe for serving food).


The bowl is quite sturdy and worked great with my salad preparation for the day. I also tested it with three bunches of bananas and apples and yes, this bowl makes a great fruit bowl as well. But because it’s 15-inch size, its larger than my Pyrex and largest plastic bowl. So, just know that if you are looking at this bowl, you’ll want to make sure you have the adequate space for it.

Also, like all wood products, best to hand-wash this bowl and not let it soak in water or have it exposed to any extreme low or high temperatures. So, this is not to be placed inside a fridge or in a dishwasher.


The Savora Acacia Wood Serving Chamfer Bowl is no doubt huge and wonderfully carved and looks beautiful. While I see people utilizing this as multi-use, it’s no doubt a bowl that will last several generations thanks to the durability of the Acacia wood.

I also did a few price checks of similarly-sized bowls but with the unique carving and the two 13-inch Acacia wood fork and spoon, I can see why it’s priced a little higher.

But this is a bowl that is no doubt a keeper. I have bowls that come and go, bowls that break, shatter or get too old and scratched up. But this is one that I can see lasting for a long time in one’s kitchen.

A wonderful Acacia Wood serving bowl! Highly recommended!