The One about Mari’s Rooftop Garden in Japan

While I was in Saitama, Japan to visit friends, I had the opportunity to see Mari’s rooftop garden.

As a person who has had his own garden and would grow organic vegetables, seeing Mari’s rooftop garden made me want to restart this green venture for 2017.

One thing that I noticed is her many aloe vera plants.  I am not entirely sure if aloe vera in Japan is any different from aloe vera that one can purchase in the US.

I am currently growing (indoors for now), Aloe arborescens (has a red flower) and aloe barbadensis (which is the most prevalent aloe vera plant that people will find, sold in the United States).

Mari was explaining to me of the many uses of aloe vera and its medicinal purposes and how she also uses it for food and drinks.  In Japan, aloe vera juice is popular as it is seen as a healing agent for ulcer, heart ailments, cholesterol and general well-being.

And I realize how much aloe vera is utilized in my life and watching various videos on YouTube, I figured, why not give it a try since I’m growing quite a number of plants, herbs and vegetables for 2017.

But it was very interesting to see Mari’s rooftop garden, but it made me think how she manages them during the winter, especially since these photos were taken in November and just a week later, they experienced a freak snow day (the first since 1954).

But nevertheless, it was great to see her rooftop garden in Japan.