The One about the Polar Bottle Cenote Hydration System

As a person who uses and have reviewed water reservoir from other companies, I know there are people who are not exactly to thrilled about investing on a backpack for just a water reservoir during at rip.

As most backpacks allow for a water hydration packs and an opening for a water reservoir/tube, those who want to save money without investing in a backpack may have interest in Cenote Hydration System from Polar Bottle.

According to the company, the Cenote Hydration System is the first hydration system with a disposable reservoir that can be recycled.

The Cenote Hydration System that I am reviewing is the 3L (100 oz.) version which comes with a disposable reservoir and a hose set.

The Cenote Hydration System is leak-free and durable with a responsible high-flow bite valve and taste-free.

And it is quite easy to use.

Unscrew the cap and fill the hydration pack with water and then put the cap back on and put the hydration system in a backpack hydration sleeve with cap at the bottom and the hose going through wherever a reservoir hose can go through.

For those who are curious about the dimensions, its height is 119–g, length is 49 cm (19.2 inches) and width is 21 cm (8.2 inches).

And like other hydration pack, turn the bite valve perpendicular to open and turn it parallel to close.

And after use, just run the water through the hose and black bite valve and let it air dry.

According to Polar Bottle, the Cenote Hydration System if using water can last over 50+ number of uses, while sports drinks reduces it to around 12-13, protein drinks and wheat grass about 7 uses and wine/cocktails about 8.  So, you may want to use this primarily for water if possible.

Overall, the Cenote Hydration System is quite easy to use.  While I tend to use the hydration packs on my CamelBak packs, I only use that backpack for certain situations.  If I’m traveling with my larger backpack that can utilize a hydration pack, it’s great to know that I can use the Cenote Hydration System.

Also, another positive is that the 3L hydration pack is under $15, so it’s definitely affordable!  And it’s so easy to use, so for those wanting a hydration pack with a hose set, bite valve, the Cenote Hydration System delivers, not just in price, quality and durability but also convenience.