The One about Seattle’s Best Coffee – Breakfast Blend K-Cups

Before Seattle’s Best Coffee became a subsidiary coffee retailer owned by Starbucks, going back as far as 1969, Seattle’s Best Coffee was an ice cream and coffee shop known as Wet Whisker based in northwest Seattle.

Founder Jim Stewart would purchase green coffee beans from local roasters to be roasted and he sold them at Wet Whisker.  As the shop was sold in 1970, Jim Stewart and his brother Dave opened another ice cream and coffee store on Pier 70 in Seattle and it was known as Stewart Brothers Wet Whisker.  And in 19872, the shop served espresso based beverages along with other coffee products.

The shop would change its name in 1983 to Stewart Brothers Coffee and expanded.  And in 1991, the company was renamed “Seattle’s Best Coffee” after winning a local competition.  By 1995, Seattle’s Best Coffee was purchased by a group of investors which would be known by 1997 as Seattle Coffee Company and was sold in 1998 by AFC Enterprises, who sold the company to Starbucks in July 2003.

And in the mid-2000’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee would be known for being the coffee shop located at Borders bookstores, while its parent company, Starbucks contracted with Barnes & Noble.

But with the closure of Borders stores, fortunately Seattle’s Best Coffee Cafe locations continue to exist all around the world and many can find Seattle’s Best Coffee k-cups at their local department store.

Seattle’s Best Coffee – Breakfast Blend K-Cups features a medium roast with smooth citrus notes.

The coffee is made with Arabica Beans and is not bitter or bold, if anything, the coffee has a smooth taste.  And I prefer with creamer and is a very good way to start the morning with its smooth blend.

It’s also one of the more affordable K-Cups you will find and is definitely worth trying!  And if you are into coupons, Seattle’s Best Coffee tends to be on sale frequently, so definitely keep an eye out (especially if you use Target’s Cartwheel).

Overall, Seattle’s Best Coffee – Breakfast Blend K-Cups are recommended!